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Spiral Tube Machines

Spiral Tube Machines for HVAC

Spiral Tube Forming Machines mainly include spiral tubeformer mould type, spiral tubeformer band type and ovalizer.

They are used for making HVAC spiral ducts and flat-oval ducts automaticly.

Spiral tubeformer mould typeSpiral tubeformer mould typespiral tubeformer mould type

For the spiral tubeformer mould type, Preda Machine designs it with mould heads to form spiral duct accurately!

Meanwhile the air tightness of the spiral ducts formed will be great as well!

Band type Spiral TubeformerBand type Spiral Tubeformer

spiral tubeformer band type

For the spiral tubeforme band type, this is a most cost efficient and easy handling machine for spiral duct forming process.

You can set any diameters as per your need with min. diameter of 85mm and no max. limits!

Ovalizer-oval duct machineOvalizer-oval duct machine


The Ovalizer transforms regular round spiral duct formed by spiral tubeformer into flat-oval ducts.

It is used for the ovalizer duct manufacturing.

After spiral duct,the ovalizer duct machine expands it into standard size,

with the character of good shape,high efficiency,easy operation.

Related Round duct machines!!

To make round ducts, we need not only spiral tuebformer, but also need machines like Gorelocker( or Elbow making machine), Electric Rotary Beading machine, Punching machine, Electric plate rolling machine, Angle iron rolling machine, Plasma cutting machine and etc.


Gorelocker is specially designed for elbow tube forming in both

Elbow Pittsburgh and seaming.

This advanced gorelocker is 100% gear driven without belts at all!

It ensures good quality and much better durability!

Currently this has been the most advanced electric elbow gorelock version

in the world already.

Plasma cutting machinePlasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting machine

Rigid frame built with thick concrete plate steel to ensure

function stability and durability.

High speed cutting with great precision.

Panasonic NC system makes operating easy,effective and precise.

Large variety of cutting material: steel,copper, iron, aluminum,

galvanized sheet…

Wide use for cutting operation on traditional plate shearing,

duct manufacture line…

Rotary beading machineRotary beading machine

Electric Rotary Beading machine

Electric rotary grooving machine---  Capable of 0.5mm-1.8mm      

Three groove shapes capable with three sets of moulds.  

Electric rolling machineElectric rolling machine

Electric plate rolling machine

This bending/rolling machine is designed for bending thin steal plate

with max. thickness of 2mm.

Plate rolling machine is very basic machine for round duct forming!

Angle iron rolling machineAngle iron rolling machine

Angle iron rolling machine

It is specially designed for common flanges which use angle iron material.

Rolling/bending angle iron into round air duct.

The rollers can be changed according different needs. Such as flat iron、pipe、channel iron、rectangular tube,etc.

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